How to apply

Student, researchers or teachers interested in presenting their work during the III Seminar should submit a ABSTRACT, and await the reply of the scientific committee. The theme of papers should relate only to one of the four thematic axes. The principal themes will form the basis of the debates and lectures.

IMPORTANT: The registration at the event entitles the participant to give one paper once approved by the Scientific Committee


The abstract should be between 350 and 600 words, presenting the theme of the work, the objectives, the methodology used and the conclusions.

The following criteria should be observed for sending proposals and FULL TEXTS:

– The paper must be written by the submitting party;

– It is forbidden for a person to submit more than one communication;

– If the conference presentations are published in the proceedings, the committee reserves the right not to publish complete texts that do not comply with the standards defined herein and / or have a theoretical, analytical or methodological quality considered unsatisfactory;


For full papers to be published in the proceedings, it will be necessary for the author to send his or her complete TEXT by October 25, 2017.

The following standards (in addition to those set out above) must be followed:

– Total number of pages: minimum 8 / maximum 12

– File format: “doc” or “docx”

– Fount: arial, size 12

– Margins: 2.5 cm

– Line spacing: 1.5 cm

– Alignment: Justified

– Unnumbered pages

– Title in capital letters, in bold, with central alignment

– Author’s name, institutional affiliation and email should be placed below the title, aligned to the right

– Notes must be sequenced numerically and located in the footer

– Bibliographical references should be located at the end of the text, containing only the cited works, and following ABNT norms.